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Forensic Document Examiner

Forensic Document Examiners & Document Security Experts

Paper is one of the most practical and versatile materials ever invented. It has the power to entertain, inform, and shape our future. Or, when fraud is involved, it can cost us. In the U.S. alone, document fraud is a multibillion-dollar problem. Inside every altered document, there’s indisputable evidence waiting to be uncovered.

At DocuDNA, we combine expert-led analysis with proven, patented Page-Lock technology and scientific methods to not only detect document fraud, but help you firmly protect against it. Scientific examinations with integrity.

Disputed documents need educated answers. Not just hunches or opinions, but expert-led analysis. Using our expertise and the proprietary tools we developed, we can scientifically measure and compare the properties of any paper to identify the source and determine the statistical likelihood of fraud. We are court certified forensic document examiners. We provide scientific analysis and science-based reports and testimony.

Documents we examine

  • Forged, altered, or fabricated documents
  • Forged Signatures & Questioned Writing
  • Identification of “copy and paste” in altered documents
  • Substituted Sheets in Documents
  • Altered PDF’s & Electronic Documents
Paper Forensics

Industry-leading document examination services from court-qualified expert witnesses. We work closely with individuals, attorneys, and law enforcement agencies to identify ink and toner anomalies, paper sources, copy and paste signatures or text, and perform handwriting analysis on any disputed document. You'll receive a concise report of our scientific methods and findings.

ScanRite Paper ID

Patent pending methodology to verify the source of every page within a questioned document. Results are 99.7% accurate and repeatable. Our portable color spectrometer scans and measures the spectral optical properties of every sheet according to international standards. Then, we statistically analyze and compare the data using unique software to determine is all pages came from the same source or ream of paper. We can easily identify if any pages within a document were substituted.

ScanRite GraphScanRite Scanner

Preparing For Your Document Examination

What you need to provide your document examiner:

  • Document type; Will, mortgage, agreement, etc.
  • What is the alleged date of the document?
  • Is it an original with wet ink signatures or a copy?
  • Is it a PDF or photocopy?
  • Do you have the document in possession?

Questioned Signatures

  • Do you think the signatures are forged or altered?
  • You should have as many known signatures of an individual as possible for comparison. We recommend 20-30, but at least 15.
  • Get known signature examples from other documents, checks, or known writings.
  • Get signature examples from around the same time period as the questioned document, also prior to and after the date of the questioned document.
  • Documents with wet ink signatures are best.

Paper Examination

  • We can date the paper of documents by comparing them to the paper from other documents with a known date, or by matching them to examples in our database.
  • Original documents are necessary to date or compare the document to others from the same time period in order to determine if the document is authentic.
  • We can match photocopies to other know sources of paper.
  • We can match the paper from a questioned mortgage note to copies of your mortgage documents, they all came from the same paper source and should match.
Why hire a paper expert?

Fraud involving legal documents cost Americans billions of dollars every year in lost business property and litigation costs. Your important documents are one of the most vulnerable assets you possess. For Instance, nobody ever thinks that a family member would every take your Will or Trust and change it, but it happens all the time.


Legal document fraud emotionally affects those victimized by it and each year in the United States those victims incur millions of dollars in legal fees and court costs in attempting to obtain redress.


Much of the fraudulent activity conducted on documents involves altered text and cut & paste signatures. It is important to hire a forensic document examiner who understands current technologies that are being used to alter documents. I know and understands these software programs and how to identify these alterations. Conducting forensic handwriting analysis, document dating and forensic paper analysis along with thorough understanding of various forgery techniques, then being able to explain them in scientific terms, is what makes a paper expert necessary.


Our firm has expertise in Paper Science & Engineering, Paper Manufacturing and have spent nearly 30 years working and consulting in the paper industry. We have the expertise in understanding how paper is made and what unique properties that can be identified in altered documents. There is an untold story of evidence ready to be uncovered within the paper of altered documents.


In addition, we have experience in Art and Color and its relationship to the optical properties of paper. Our development of ScanRite Paper ID Technology allows us to determine if any single page within a questioned document comes from a different manufactured source, allowing us to determine if it is a substituted sheet. We provide scientific, statistical analysis and reporting to provide conclusive evidence, not just an opinion.

We know exactly how document fraud can happen, so we’ve revolutionized the way documents are protected and stored. Our exclusive suite of protective solutions make any document essentially fraud-proof with our patented Page-Lock encryption technology, it will be kept safe with our military-grade storage. Our Page-Lock Technology ensures your documents security and authenticity.

Document Security

Documents we protect

  • Wills & Trusts
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Business Agreements & Contracts
  • HR Documents
  • Lease Agreements


Breakthrough encryption technology and military-grade storage to protect your legal documents like never before. DNA identification codes are discretely embedded into each document, then printed on our exclusive security paper and stored safely behind multiple layers of encryption. With a unique "fingerprint" on every page, your information is fraud-proof and verifiable as the original copy.



Security Ballot and Document Paper

DocuDNA Security Papers protect the authenticity of your documents. We have products available to protect legal documents, checks, ballots, prescriptions, or any specialized document.


Our DocuDNA Security Papers are embedded with multiple levels of specialized security features, each identifiable, to protect against document alteration or duplication.

We only work with the best and most secure paper manufactures of specialized security papers. Every step in the manufacturing, converting, printing and delivery of the paper is monitored, tracked, and audited for your protection.

When you incorporate our cutting-edge PageLock system into our security paper you have the highest level of document security available. The security of your document is continuously monitored and is verifiable.


DocuDNA ScanRite-Secure Ballot Paper has been developed to be the most secure ballot paper for any type of election. We've incorporated the "Science of Document Integrity" into the development of the most secure and technically advanced security features available in the market. We have incorporated continuous monitoring and tracking into every aspect of the supply chain to ensure end-to-end integrity and security.


We've incorporated our patent pending Page-Lock System to ensure every ballot is authentic and can quickly be verified and authenticated if ever questioned. We can quickly verify the authenticity of ballots at a rate of up two million per hour.

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